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06 Jan 2017
January 6, 2017

How a Sensory Gym Can Benefit Your Child

January 6, 2017


Any parent knows that, when it comes to children, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Yet, most classrooms, playgrounds, and other settings frequented by children tend to have the same basic setups, which tend not to be ideally suited to children with special needs. Sensory gyms are bright, colorful, exciting spaces that are uniquely tailored to the needs of children with sensory integration disorders and other developmental disabilities. However, all children can enjoy and benefit from a sensory gym environment.

With features like ball pits, rock walls, covered swings, and more, children are exposed to a variety of visual, tactile, and vestibular stimuli. Through purposeful play in the gym, children with sensory integration difficulties can learn to process sensory input in a supportive setting. Here are some of the major benefits a sensory gym has to offer children:

Exercise and physical activity. Getting kids to take a break from the iPad to get active can be a challenge. The exciting and unusual activities and equipment available at a sensory gym are sure to get children up and moving.
Muscle toning. For children with physical challenges, certain muscle groups may be underutilized. A physical or occupational therapist can employ a sensory gym in their treatment protocol to help children engage and strengthen those muscles.
Sensory integration. Whether children are averse to sensory input (hypersensitive) or constantly seeking it (hyposensitive), a sensory gym can help in developing appropriate responses to stimulation. Sensory integration achieved in a sensory gym can also translate into more appropriate responses at home, in the classroom, and in other settings.

Best of all, a sensory gym is a place where children can express their personalities, free of judgment, in an environment that is as unique as they are! Get in touch to learn more about ours.

26 Sep 2013
September 26, 2013

Autism-What Kind of World Do You Want

September 26, 2013

This video tells about the initial diagnosis of Autism for Claudia and brings basic facts regarding the epedemic of Autism.