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The Developmental Growth and Enrichment of our youth is at the forefront of Tiny Tots Therapy Inc. Through outreach and collaborative resources, our team is dedicated to maximizing the independence of life skills in children and adolescents, supporting our caregivers, and increasing awareness throughout our communities. The families we work with keep us motivated in our mission of guiding children through achievable milestones and our vision of providing valuable and meaningful services to our patients remains at that heart of what we do.

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TTT is a proud supporter of Autism Speaks and many other great organizations!
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autism-speaks-logo-transparentTiny Tots Therapy and its affiliates are dedicated to the community of pediatric therapy throughout New Jersey and the surrounding metropolitan area.
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Summer is all about time together, getting outdoors, and engaging as a family. When not engaging in outdoor fun, there is plenty of room for fun and sensory development inside. Having awesome toys your children love on hand is key, and even better if those toys can aid in your child’s growth and development. These five toys are great for promoting development and fun for children of all needs.

First on our list is Learning Resource’s Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set. This creative construction goes the extra mile in sensory stimulation, with colorful pieces, glow-in-the-dark stickers, bright lights, and spinning pieces. The control over design provides an outlet for your children to express their creativity, and with over 120 pieces your children will have unlimited possibilities to create their masterpiece.

Next up is Hasbro’s Elefun and Friends firefly-chasing game. This exciting and unpredictable game is designed to improve your children’s focus and motor skills. Kids will be jumping and laughing nonstop as they race to catch the most fireflies.

Melissa & Doug’s Fruit Cutting Set makes our list as well with its fun and educational qualities. The set provides children with the outlet to practice fine motor and social skills. And, as your children enjoy preparing fruit snacks, they’re gaining early exposure to the concept of fractions.

Monster Toss by Alex Toys Active Play is next on our list. This game is a silly and fun way to develop your children’s fine motor skills. With adjustable difficulty levels, this game can be tailored to fit your child’s developmental stage.

Last but certainly not least on our list is Vtech’s Tote & Go Laptop. This learning laptop has 20 interactive activities touching on math, reading, music, and puzzle solving. The level of difficulty increases gradually, letting your children progressively build their skills. This fun and friendly toy provides a way for your children to develop their verbal skills as well as their fine motor skills by working a mouse. Best of all, its portability allows your children to bring it anywhere they go.

We believe in the power of play. Play is an amazing way to help develop sensory skills.If your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability, they may benefit from a variety of different toys to use at home, based off diagnosis. We are always available to discuss your child’s and family’s needs. You can get in touch with a specialist by calling Tiny Tots Therapy at 888-951-TOTS(8687).

The month of May is dedicated to pediatric stroke awareness. Unborn babies, newborns, infants, children and teenagers can all suffer from strokes. Often, children are misdiagnosed because individuals are unaware that infants and children can in fact have strokes and because these symptoms may mimic those related to other conditions. The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS) has partnered with the American Heart Association to create fact sheets for childhood strokes and infant (perinatal) strokes, alerting the public to the warning signs and medical conditions associated with pediatric strokes. Reviewing these facts can increase awareness among parents and caregivers, and assist physicians and medical professionals in making an accurate diagnosis.

Because strokes can occur at any age, it is important to look out for the signs and symptoms of pediatric strokes in both children/teenagers and infants.

In Children and Teenagers
-Weakness/numbness in face, arm, or leg on one side of body
-Severe headaches
-Speech difficulties
-Vision difficulties
-Loss of coordination and dizziness
-Seizures and paralysis

In Newborns and Infants
-Extreme drowsiness
-Tendency to use only one side of body

National Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month aims to increase awareness, advance knowledge and initiate more research for children that are affected by pediatric strokes. According to the IAPS, stroke is one of the top ten causes of death in children, and more than half of victims experience permanent neurological and physical deficits. Such deficits include hemiplegia or hemiparesis, which involve total or partial paralysis on one side of the body. This is one of the most common forms of cerebral palsy in children born at term, with stroke as its leading cause. Other long-term disabilities caused by pediatric strokes include: cognitive and sensory impairments, epilepsy, communication disorders, visual impairments, and behavioral problems.

At Tiny Tots Therapy, we aim to increase awareness across our community, support caregivers, and dedicate time for pediatric therapy throughout the state of New Jersey. Children who have suffered a pediatric stroke will benefit from the home, school, and center-based services our team of dedicated therapists offer. Our locations include East Brunswick, Edison, and Scotch Plains. Learn more on our website: https://www.tinytotstherapy.com/.