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IMG_9479What is a Sensory Gym?

An indoor fun and functional therapeutic playground!

Firstly, a child is identified with sensory integration problems and difficulty with processing information which can be detected earlier on at home. Our highly trained therapists identify the underlying problems with specific sensory systems and customize an individualized program. The program will utilize sensory, neuromotor and movement based therapies to provide children with opportunities to become more functional and independent when faced with the many challenges presented at home, school, and in the community. Our goal is to facilitate optimal functional outcomes and autonomy in all children we serve!

TTT has three state of the art sensory gyms providing Outpatient Center-Based Therapy  services in a physical, mental, and emotionally safe environment. The sensory gyms are located throughout New Jersey and sole proprietorship owned.

At our Outpatient Center-Based Clinics we provide:

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (Clinic Only)
  • Customized Sensory gyms with built in devices and systems and a large array of pediatric equipment and products.
  • Affordable fee for service options and financial plans.
  • At TTT, we assist parents to avoid cost-sharing within the NJ Early Intervention System.
  • At TTT, parents will have access to our therapists during session as well as via email and Skype. We know that Parents involvement is the key to success of the child performance.
  • We encourage our caregivers to be part of the treatment sessions to learn techniques and implement them into the home environment.

The Outpatient Center-Based clinics evaluate and treat children in the following categories:

  1. Early Child Development (0-3 years): In addition to NJ Sate providing services through Early Intervention Program, a child can receive additional services at Tiny Tots Therapy. This is achievable by the support of parents and the acceptance of various insurance plans by TTT.
  2. Pre-School Age Group (3-5 years): Tiny Tots Therapy provides services to Pre-school children via the board of education. The children don’t have to be on a long waiting list, they can immediately be serviced at any one of our Outpatient Center-Based clinics.
  3. School Age Group (5-18 years): Tiny Tots Therapy provides services to School-Based children via the Board of Education. These children have access to various sensory experiences and group activities, which may be unavailable at a school setting.

At Tiny Tots Therapy, children come for the total experience: participating in a playful therapeutic environment and gaining opportunities to attend specialized groups and summer camps.

  Services Provided:


Occupational Therapy centers on a child’s “occupation” including developmental tasks and the ability to interact with others, as well as objects in the environment.  Interaction difficulties can impact performance in play, social relationships, learning, and daily living skills.  Occupational Therapy assesses sensory processing, fine motor skills, self-care skills, self-concept, and cognitive functions.  Play is most often used in the treatment of children.  Awareness and involvement of the family is critical to success and is always a part of the therapy session.


Addresses gross motor and sensory needs of children in order to maximize their ability to negotiate their environment as safely and independently as possible. The Motor System is crucial to all aspects of child development. PT helps develop core strength and Development of Early Motor Skills (D.E.M.S.)” in children by engaging in activities which focus on: Posture correction, Strength and range of motion, Motor planning and balance, Bilateral coordination.


Addresses a childs ability to communicate. A Speech Therapist evaluates and provides intervention that focus on: speech/ articulation skills, expressive, receptive & pragmatic language skills, oral-motor skills, cognitive or thinking skills, social skills, etc.


The process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree, and to demonstrate that the interventions employed are responsible for the improvement in behavior.

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