School Based Services

Tiny Tots Therapy provides School-Based Services, working closely with school districts, educators and child-study teams.


    • Tiny Tots Therapy is a New Jersey State approved clinic and agency
    • All therapeutic services; evaluations, IEP development, scheduling, treatments, documentation and teacher training are closely administered by our Therapist Management Team.
    • All therapist are fingerprinted and certified in the State of New Jersey and have specialized training in many innovative pediatric therapeutic techniques.
    • TTT provides bilingual services, consultations, evaluations, PT/OT services and accommodates in and out of district services.
    • TTT is flexible in providing permanent, short- term, maternity or ESY coverage.
    • TTT offer various workshops for school staff, parents and other professionals.


New Jersey School Districts

School Districts saved $38.8 million per year as a result of contracted services*

NJ School Districts Savings