13 Jun 2017
June 13, 2017

Creative and Constructive Summer Fun Activities

June 13, 2017

As many parents know, although summer is a time for fun in the sun, finding activities to fill the days that keep your kids entertained and engaged while also supporting development can be a major challenge. We’ve compiled an ultimate guide of summer fun activities that also encourage development for your children.

Catch a Flick with the Whole Family. One activity that can be fun for the whole family includes special needs screenings at movie theaters. These events are popping up all over and can be a great experience for the entire family. This activity provides a safe space for your children to be themselves and enjoy going to the movies without the usual pressure. Beyond this, these events provide an opportunity for your children to work on their social skills and for your family to connect with other families.

Get Crafty. Another activity that can be done inside or outdoors, depending on the weather, is a weekly arts and craft day. By picking manageable projects for you and your children, at-home art activities can provide multiple benefits, including bilateral coordination, fine motor control, self-regulation, boosted self-esteem, and precious bonding time together. For some project inspiration, check out Pinterest’s board of special needs art project ideas.

Play Chef Together. Cooking simple and fun recipes with your children is another great activity for the summer. According to WeeZee, “for children with special needs, cooking can be an opportunity to increase independence, put basic academic skills to use in a functional way, and an opportunity to learn how to eat healthy.” And on top of it being a great way to bond with your children, cooking with your kids provides a multi-sensory experience where they may practice fine motor skills and work on following directions.

Another option parents may want to consider for their children’s summer activities is to enroll them in a summer program where they may work on their development while practicing social skills. Tiny Tots Therapy offers a variety of summer programs, including Balance Bonanza, Pencil Party, Catch Me if You Can, and Just Craftin’ Around, where your children can improve their motor, cognitive, and social skills in a sensory-rich environment. Call us today at 888-951-TOTS(8687).

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